In today's competitive business environment, companies must focus on their comparative advantages in order to succeed. At ZMI, our focus is to help our customers succeed by recognizing our biggest comparative advantage: manufacturing moderate-volume and highly-technical products.

Founded by Will Zeigner and Sara Chow in 1990, ZMI continues to dedicate 100% of our efforts on the research and development, design, manufacture and support of equipment and accessories for the following fields:

Physical therapy & Rehabilitation
Mid-Frequency Stimulation
Spinal Traction
Beauty and cosmetics
Cell Fusion
Industrial Technology
Power Supply

Our company vision is to become the premier electro-stimulation manufacturer in the world. ZMI will continue to expand our research and development across various fields of medicine to meet the expanding needs of our customers.

After all, manufacturing is not just the process of building a great product; it is the foundation to help our customers build a great business.

We also understand the importance of complying with ever-changing government regulations and maintaining the highest quality from concept through production.

ZMI today continues to be led by people with experience in both contract manufacturing and business strategy. Our years of experience ensure that every piece of equipment or accessory that we make meets the level of quality that you have come to expect.

At ZMI, we focus on what we do well, so that you can succeed.