Product Summary


The ET-3000 is a dual channel, multi-modality stimulator featuring medium frequency, pulsed alternating current, pulsed direct and continuous direct currents.

The advanced technology provides 8 wave forms and those eight modalities are sub-divided into mild, moderate and strong forms of treatment.

This enables the therapist to choose from 28 pre-set treatments from the following modalities:

+++MF Kotz
+++MF Bi-Polar
+++MF Interferential
+++URO Stim
+++DC Faradic
+++DC Galvanic

In addition, there is the built-in ability to change the pre-set parameters to protocols preferred by the therapist.

Therapeutic effects include analgesia, anti-inflammation, increase in muscle contraction, increase in local and peripheral circulation, and reduction in urinary incontinence.

The ET-3000 comes complete with silicone carbon rubber electrodes, sponge pockets and elastic straps.


• Rotary control of two channel intensity
• Outputs displayed in milliampere (mA)
• LEDs illuminate when outputs active
• Timer with audio warning and automatic switch-off
• 28 easily selected, pre-set treatments
• Ability to change pre-set parameters

Technical Specifications:

Unit Size 270 x 342 X 120mm
Weight 6 kilograms
Class I type BF as per IEC 601-1
Input AC 110-240V, 50/60 Hz
Max power consumption 45W with 500 Ohm resistor load
Fuse 400mA / 250V x 2 slow blow
Max output voltage 85Vpp with 500 Ohm resistor load
Max output current 99mA
Output socket 4 x 4mm male safety plugs or 5-pin DIN plug

Operating temperature

0 to +40 degrees Celsius
Storage temperature

-20 to +60 degrees Celsius


4-line, 96 character liquid crystal display

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