Product Summary

Ultrasound [ULS-1000]

The ULS-1000 is a dual-frequency ultrasound unit providing both pulsed and continuous therapy. It incorporates micro-processor control whereby all functions are monitored and, on initial start-up, all major components are checked, automatically.

Medical studies have shown that ultrasound therapy can be used for:

+++Treatment of wounds
+++Post traumatic disorders
+++Circulatory disorders
+++Affections of the skin and peripheral nervous system

Ultrasound can exert an effect on body cells and tissues by both thermal and non-thermal mechanisms. The thermal effect provides pain relief, reduces joint stiffness and increases blood flow. Non-thermal effects are thought to benefit tissue regeneration, soft tissue repair, protein synthesis and bone repair.

The ULS-1000 comes complete with 5cm2 ultrasound head and ultrasound gel.


• 1 and 3 MHz frequencies
• Pulsed and continuous modes
• Excellent beam non-uniformity ratio (BNR)
• Automatic power reduction on loss of contact
• Rotary control of time and intensity
• Intensity displayed in watts per square centimeter
• LEDs illuminate when outputs active

Technical Specifications:

Unit Size 270 x 342 x 120mm
Weight 6 kilograms
Class I type BF IEC 601-1
Input AC 110-240V, 50/60 Hz
Intensity 1 MHz/3MHz up to 1.5 watts per square cm.
Max Power Consumption 50 watts
Fuse 400 mA / 250V x 2 slow blow
Operating Temperature 0 to +40 degrees C
Storage Temperature -20 degrees to +60 degrees C

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