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Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

ZMI is an OEM manufacturer, first and foremost. If you already have the specifications and schematics, we can manufacture it for you to your exact requirements. Our stringent quality standards will ensure that your reputation is protected in the marketplace.

Private Label

Whether you are manufacturing or distributing electrotherapy products, ZMI provides a range of products that can be quickly added to complement or complete your product offering.  

Components and Accessories

ZMI is able to design and manufacture medical accessories to meet your requirements. We also have many standardized accessories that will fit your needs. Please peruse our accessories page to see if anything fits your requirements. If what you are looking for is out of the ordinary, do not hesitate to contact us.

Original Design Manufacturing

If you see an opportunity in the marketplace and want to meet its specific demand, ZMI's dedicated staff of electrical, mechanical, and software engineers can transform your ideas into reality. Our creative staff work cohesively with you to seamlessly take your idea from concept to production.

International Procurement

If you are having difficulty sourcing for a unique component or product, our experienced procurement personnel will search through the depths of Greater China to find it for you.

Ultrasound Power Meter Calibration and Crystal Scanning

We are the authorized representative for Ohmic Instruments power meters for the Asia region. We provide a full range of power meters and also provide calibration and repair services.

We also specialize in piezo-electric crystal characteristics scanning. We are capable of providing detailed Effective Radiating Area (ERA) and Beam Non-conformity Ratio (BNR) in color graphical reports so that ultrasound manufacturers can meet the safest standards and conform to the latest FDA and CE criteria.

Product Innovation

We continuously work with governmental institutions and academic institutions to research and develop innovative medical products with electro-biological and electro-therapeutic effects. We welcome any joint research and development ventures and can help take a product from concept to commercialization.